Dive into Deep Learning

Dive into Deep Learning

Aston Zhang, Zachary Lipton, Mu Li and Alex Smola, 2022 (http://alex.smola.org/projects.html)

This book covers code, math, examples and explanations in one piece. Some of the highlights:

  • Downloadable Jupyter notebooks. In fact, the entire book consists of notebooks.
  • A freely available PDF version
  • A GitHub repository to allow for fast corrections of errata
  • A tight integration with discussion forums to allow for questions regarding the math and code on the site
  • Theoretical background suitable for engineers and undergraduate researchers
  • State of the art models (including ResNet, faster-RCNN, etc)
  • Well documented and structured code that is executed on real datasets, yet at the same time small enough to fit on a laptop.
  • A Chinese translation (in fact, the Chinese book will be released first)

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