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  • Google Code-In 2017: My Story

    Google Code-In 2017: My Story

    Weeks before GCI (Google Code-In) even started, I keep debating with myself whether to join GCI 2017 or not. I was a GCI 2016 participant and my experience with it was not so good. It was kinda a traumatic experience for me. Long story short, I decided to join. The first thing I have to…

  • Keras Neural Networks and Fabrik

    Keras Neural Networks and Fabrik

    A screenshot of Fabrik I tried to import several keras neural networks  to Fabrik´╗┐´╗┐, and this is the result:These are the models I successfully imported: Model Link Fabrik Link https://github.com/anantzoid/VQA-Keras-Visual-Question-Answering http://fabrik.cloudcv.org/caffe/load?id=20180105045732jmyeu https://github.com/LemonATsu/Keras-Image-Caption http://kodu.ut.ee/~leopoldp/2016_DeepYeast/code/caffe_model/ http://fabrik.cloudcv.org/caffe/load?id=20180102135425bzkzy And these are some models I had troubles with: Model Link Successfully Generated the JSON Model? Problem Error Message https://github.com/ykamikawa/SegNet Yes Error…